Getting 403 on "post /api/v2/users", while creating user via POSTMAN

I am trying to create a user via POSTMAN using POST Auth0 Management API v2, but getting 403 (“Insufficient scope, expected any of: create:users”). I do see this scope is set up. What am I missing here?


    "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
    "email": "",
    "password": "secret",
    "user_metadata": {
        "name": "via POSTMAN"
    "email_verified": false,
    "verify_email": false,
    "app_metadata": {}


    "statusCode": 403,
    "error": "Forbidden",
    "message": "Insufficient scope, expected any of: create:users",
    "errorCode": "insufficient_scope"

Hi @Gunjan.Parmar ,

Thank you for posting this query.

I was testing this endpoint earlier today and also received a 40x error, then I tried removing several fields and it works. Not sure if this is due to a glitch.

If you are still experiencing this error, do you want to try with the below request and see how it goes?
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”,
“email”: “”,
“password”: “secret”

If it works, then try your request with a different email address. Please keep us updated on how it goes. Thanks!

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