getRoles() bug?

I have two roles defined, ‘admin’ and ‘newUser’. I’ve repeated the name of the role in the description: ‘admin role’, ‘newUser role’ for clarity.

I do this call:
.then(roles => roles )
.catch(err => err);

which returns:

{ “id”: “rol_lpAsoQv3qjhYM4gM”, “name”: “newUser”, “description”: “admin role” },
{ “id”: “rol_g8Bw9emQfkzT6rEY”, “name”: “newUser”, “description”: “newUser role” }

Both the admin and newUser objects have name ‘newUser’.

Hey there @wiley!

Apologize for the delayed response but wanted to get back to you on this one - Are you still experiencing this behavior? I’ve just tried to reproduce this myself and have thus far been unable to.

Let us know either way!

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