getIdTokenClaims() returns undefined on 1.7.0 upgrade

Hey everyone, I am trying to upgrade an existing vue.js with typescript project from the 1.1.1 version of the auth0-spa-js library to 1.7.0, however this seems to break the functionality around getting the ID token claims, which we do post-login. I can also confirm the flow works as expected on 1.6.0. Calling auth0.getIdTokenClaims() returns an undefined object, while the Auth0Client instance cache only contains the lambda functions it defines. I am using the in-memory cache, although changing it locally to “local storage” does not have any impact on the end result.

Am I missing something here?

I set the domain, client_id, audience, redirect_uri and scope options in the Auth0Client creation. The login looks as such:

public async login(): Promise<void> {
      //defining the options parameter
      return this.auth0.loginWithRedirect(options);

On redirect this is what gets called:

public async handleAuthentication(): Promise<AuthData> {
      let result: RedirectLoginResult;
      try {
        result = await this.auth0.handleRedirectCallback();
      } catch (err) {

      //this is what returns undefined
      const claims = await this.auth0.getIdTokenClaims();