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I have reviewed a post similar to what I am trying to accomplish, but it doesn’t quite do what I need. Here’s the post I am referencing:
I am a newbie when it comes to Auth0 and I don’t understand the solution in the above post, so let me ask a more simple question. Is there a single API call that returns a list of ALL users AND their assigned roles? Most of the get user endpoints appear to be limited to 1000 users, but even with fewer users there does not seem to be an endpoint that provides what I need. I would even settle for the bulk user export endpoint or the import/export extension, but those don’t appear to offer what I need either. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey there @ztaylor

tl;dr: there is no way to return a list of roles and their users in a single API call

Roles contain users and users do not contain roles. With this in mind - getting roles by user or getting users by role are API features we offer. Both require you to know the role or user ID’s prior.

Does this answer your question?

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Yes, thank you for confirming. That is what I was able to find also.

Kudos to @tswallen! Thanks a lot!

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