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Get user profile with access token



I’ve got an Angular 2 SPA calling a ASP.NET WebApi. I have the web api configured as an API and the SPA as a client.

In order to get the proper access token to call through to my API I had to change my Auth0Lock parameters to look like this:

  // Configure Auth0
  lock = new Auth0Lock(myConfig.clientID, myConfig.domain, 
    auth: {
      params: {
        audience: myConfig.audience,
        scope: 'openid profile read:ping'

Now I get an accessToken back and I’m able to call my API.

Previously though before I added the audience parameter, I was getting a valid id_token back.
With that valid id_token I was able to use the getProfile method to get my user details.

Now, the id_token comes back as null and getProfile does not accept the access_token.

Is there a preferred method for getting the user profile information when using the audience parameter or is there a way to include a valid id_token so that I can call the get profile function?


What version of Lock are you using? Lock 10 has replaced the getProfile method with the getUserInfo method which can be called with the access_token:


Awesome! Thank you very much.