Get token without popup

I have a react app that uses @auth0/auth0-spa-js. If getTokenSilently() fails, I fall back to getTokenWithPopup() in order to allow the user to “grant” access to certain claims.

But the popup seems a bit flimsy on mobile devices. Is there a full page redirect that I can use? (similar to how loginWithRedirect() works)

Hi @truescope,

After looking at the docs I found some display options that might help with this:

I haven’t tried it, so I cannot confirm. But it may be worth investigating.

Just to confirm about your setup, are you accessing the SPA on a mobile browser like Chrome or Safari?

Let me know.


Hi Dan
Yes, I’ve tested it using safari and chrome on an iphone, ipad and android mobile device. I might see if i can leverage that ‘display’ option and set it to “touch” or “page”. Thanks mate

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Let us know how this goes, it sounds like it could be useful for other community members.


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