Get the client id in the custom database script


In the custom database script, can i get access to the calling app’s client id?

I notice in the signup script, there’s a client id but i don’t see this in the custom database script function.


We want to log which app the customer is trying to use for support.

Thanks for sharing that feedback! We’ll see if others are also interested in such feature

I also would have interest in this type of mechanism. It would have helped me considerably.

Thanks for adding your +1 to it Ariadna!

hi, is this already implemented? we have the same use case to use a different auth endpoint based on the Client ID

Unfortunately not yet as it didn’t get much traction compared to other Feedback topics. Please make sure to upvote it! Thank you!

I would also like this feature as we have a similar use case

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We too have this same use-case

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Thanks for sharing everyone! Be sure to click the “vote” button at the top of page. Thank you!