GET Role's Users + Filtering using Lucene search

Is it applicable to get a role’s users list as per this API and be able to query the result using advanced search options (Lucene syntax) ?

Objective is, we have for each user a custom app_metadata.
We would like to retrieve a list of users in a specific role filtered by some values in the app_metadata.

One suggest is to add list of roles as an app_metadata to each user and use it in GET api/v2/users/ directly as a query parameter.

Is there an out of the box way?

Hi @melbeltagy,

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As of now, the topic you linked is the most updated way to do this. I added a formal feature request for it then, but hearing from more customers helps to push things like this to the top. If you don’t mind, please fill out a feedback ticket with you specific use-case.


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Thank you @dan.woda for your quick reply and suggestion of providing feedback, which I did.

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Thanks for doing that @melbeltagy.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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