Get refresh token from client_credentials flow

It’s possible get refresh token from client_credentials request? I have been testing set scope param to offline_access and retrieve following response…

“error”: “access_denied”,
“error_description”: “Client has not been granted scopes: offline_access”

I have been thinking other way to get refresh token using access token but I have not found any endpoint or similar to do it

Hi @developer9

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I am wondering why you are taking this approach.

Refresh tokens are used (in one scenario) when the user is not there to re-enter their credentials (thus the name “offline_access”). With Client Credentials, the application IS there to provide credentials. Why are you using a refresh token here? You can get a new CC token instead.


Hi @john.gateley,

Problably I’m wrong using this way, I’m go to explain better. I have a app, the user should enter their credentials first time but then I want use refresh tokens when the session expired to avoid re-enter the credentials. When I try use refresh_token grant_type the refresh_token param must be specified (I suppose with the old refresh token). So, How can i get a refresh token?

Do you think it would be better to use another flow for my case?