Get public/private keys from jose4j for check JWT in

I’m debugging some JWT stuff and have generated key with RsaJwkGenerator.generateJwk(2048). I successfully export/import keys to json file.
Now I need to export private key in some usefull format to check JWT on (and use in other apps).
Any ideas how to export private key?

Ok, found the solution.

  1. Export key with "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n"+Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(rsaJsonWebKey.getRsaPrivateKey()).replaceAll("(.{64})", "$1\n")+"\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----"
  2. Repeat for Public Key (with “PUBLIC KEY” stanza)
  3. Don’t forget to change Algorithm in
  4. Paste both keys to appropriate fields.

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