Get full participation info about User in one-run

Feature: API, ManagementClient, and actually ideally - actions too.

Description: Concerns heavy users of Organizations.
Depending on the use-case RBAC on organizations might require visibility on all of the User’s Organizations/Roles, to determine what to do on the application-level with that User.
Currently only way to do so (as we start with particular User) is to

  1. Query user’s organizations
  2. Get their roles per each organization

Ideal way would be to us something lie this new ‘field’ option, where one could define that he needs Organizations of User + Roles




  • Frontend flags, based on presence of “SPECIFIC_ROLE” in ANY organization
  • Backend pre-evaluation of org scans necessity, based on User’s roles in ANY organization
  • List of Orgs with specific Role, fetched in single run (not multiple)
  • Actions stuff, reacting on User’s roles in organizations (any) (f.e. putting them into token)

… much more.