Get access token silently react sdk

What does getAccessTokenSilenty does?
It uses the “” to call the api? Or it checks for current session

Hi @pandeysumit832,

It is described here.

In short, it sees if a valid access token is stored in memory, otherwise it requests a new one from the Auth0 server. There are some subtle differences on how it gets a new token depending on whether or not you are using refresh token rotation.

Since I m using auth0 js package which give me a function checkSession and when I am trying to hit my custom api to get token it throws an error saying consent required I have also check allow skipping user consent

Check session creates an authentication request silently in an iframe. If you are seeing consent required it is because you have you app registered as a third party client, you are requiring consent (it sounds like it is not this), or you are developing on localhost.

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