Get access to JWT secret

Hello – I’m wondering if it is possible to see the JWT secret that is being used for an app. I am trying to use Supabase with Auth0 on a iOS Swift application. If I understand correctly (I’m very new to this), I could sign JWT tokens with the Supabase Signing secret before making requests to my backend on the client – but, that would require storing the secret on the application, which I would rather not do.

Supabase does, however, let you change their JWT secret. Is it possible to just change that secret to Auth0’s secret? That way any JWT from Auth0 would automatically be verified by Supabase.

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Hi @hhopkins614 , I have exactly the same need , have you found the solution to this ?

I was also wondering whether is is possible to directly use the same secret in both Supabase and Auth0 in order to avoid all the additional sets to sign another JWT.