Get a User API documentation


( Auth0 Management API v2 )

There is bit misleading information about 403 error (Insufficient scope, expected any of: read:users,read:current_user).

default scopes: openid, profile, email + read:user_idp_tokens and then I add extra scopes:

  • If I have set “read:current_user” it will give this 403 error
  • If I removed “read:current_user” it will work
  • If I removed “read:users” it will work and API is displaying “read:users” red … it shouldn’t work because missing this scope?

So I would removed read:users from 403 error or saying on API description that if you have “read:current_users” this api doesn’t work :slight_smile: … or something


Thanks a lot @jani.krunniniva for providing that feedback! Let me relay it to our docs team! For future reference, would you mind submitting such feedback via our feedback site:

Thank you!