GeoIP info in Datadog is not the same as provided by Auth0

Problem statement

We have implemented the logs-stream service from Auth0. We collect logs from Auth0 and have noticed that the GeoIP output is different between that found in the Auth0 logs and that which is shown in our data-analytics provider.

There seems to be a discrepancy between whoever Auth0 uses for GeoIP and who our data-analytics provider uses to parse the incoming data.

In our particular case, we use Datadog. So for example, one of our employees logs in from a known IP address and location. Auth0 logs show this correctly as Trenton NJ. However, once the log is in Datadog, it is being parsed in the pipeline and then changed to Boulder, CO.

This is a problem for us because our business goal is to identify any customers who may be sharing their account information with family and friends, where they login from geographically distant locations.

Is there anything that can be done to make this process more reliable?


There are a variety of sources of GeoIP information. Auth0 uses GeoIP sources that may be different from those used by cloud-based data analytics providers, such as Datadog. This may lead to discrepancies in location information for any particular user.

We are unable to provide a solution to this problem. Please contact your analytics provider and see if they can provide you with an alternative solution.