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Generating HS256 Token using Username-Password-Authentication for testing



We have a lot of test cases in our suite which requires login. Going through the login flow in the test case everytime is painfully slow. What we want is to somehow get the tokens directly without going through the Auth0’s Universal Login flow in our test runs.

What I have been exploring is the /oauth/token endpoint i.e. using resource password grant. Although, this returns a RS256 token and our application currently relies on HS256.

How can we generate HS256 token via resource password grant?


Hi there @apoorvparijat, you can leverage an API to sign the token with HS256. I have included some of our docs on the subject below. Please let me know if this helps in your quest!


I wanted to touchbase @apoorvparijat and see if you had any additional questions relating to this subject. Please let me know if I can be of some assistance. Thanks!

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