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Generate Go client for Management API using swagger



Hi, I want to generate a Go client for the management API using the swagger definition, however I can’t find the swagger.json anywhere - can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks, Mark


Well, after much searching and hacking around I found the swagger 1.2 definition in the html of the api docs. Yay me.

base url: https://${tenant},


Thanks so much for finding this! Did you ever get a client generated?


Hey Ryan, yeah I did manage to generate a client in the end, but I wanted a swagger 2 client, so had to go around the houses a bit. I published a gist here that has a couple of scripts I used to generate the client. You need to install and the swagger generator to get it to work.


message board stripped the link from the comment. Here’s the gist:


Thanks. I was able to gen one as well after converting it to a swagger v2 spec. Unfortunately I had to hand massage some of gen’d files to compile correctly. I’ve also run into problems regarding some of the types and API responses so all in all, not a great experience.