forgotPasswordLink for Enterprise Connections


is it possible to display the forgotPasswordLink if we are using an Enterprise Connection?

I have customized the login page (Lock) on the Universal Login (Classic)

allowForgotPassword: true,
forgotPasswordLink: ‘https://some_url’,

But I see the link only if I use the database connection.

The final goal is to display a password forgotten link on the login site who redirect me to a different site who is doing the password change on the active directory.

Thanks a lot

Hi @lwallimann

I don’t think you can do this with lock.js, and I would not recommend this. With an Enterprise Connection, you are not the owner of the connection and are not responsible nor allowed to change password etc.

If you want to do it, you can just add a link yourself outside the lock.js box, the link would redirect to the appropriate place.


Hi @john.gateley

Thanks a lot for your clarification.
With outside the lock.js box do you refer to a own build login site right?
As of now I tried it with the “Customize Login Page” on the Universal Login. If I put there a link it shows up the link but not on the right place (back in the container and not clickable).
I think it would work if I use the “Custom Login Form” but I like the Lock view.

Thanks a lot

You need a custom login form with lock.js, but not the template that pops up lock and hides everything else behind it. It requires a little bit of HTML work…


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Hi John

We could do it with this little bit of code after the;

lock.on("signin ready", () => {
			const elem = document.createElement('div');
			elem.innerHTML = '<div style="font-size:0.8em;text-align:center;padding-bottom:20px"><a href="" target="_blank">Don\'t remember your password?</a></div>';
      const target = document.querySelector('.auth0-lock-form');

Special thank to Andy who help me out with this code snipped.

Cheers Lars

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Glad you have figured this out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!