Flask Authentication By Example

This Python developer guide will help you learn how to secure a Flask web application using token-based authentication. You’ll learn how to use Flask along with the Authlib library to implement user authentication, route protection, and access protected data from external APIs.


Hi there, thanks for making this tutorial available. The “Give us feedback” link redirects here and I noticed a few small issues on the page as I was working through: under the section “Render navigation tabs conditionally” the code snippet is labelled as “nav_bar_buttons.html” when it should be “nav_bar_tabs.html”; the snippet under the “Register the logout view” section is missing the following imports:

from urllib.parse import urlencode, quote_plus

And further down, in the “Update the message service to call an external API” section the second code snippet is mislabeled as “settings.py” when it should be “views.py”

Thanks @a_o for reaching out, I’m reviewing the guide and will update it accordingly to reflect the correct files and code in the snippets.

Have a great day!

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