Firebase users Custom Password Hash import using Scrypt

Hi there, I have obtained my user’s firebase hash and salt hash. As a test, the password is simply 123123. Here is the Auth0 import format file:

        "user_id": "my-custom-id",
        "email": "",
        "email_verified": false,
        "app_metadata": {
            "type": "CUSTOMER"
        "user_metadata": {
            "first_name": "Test",
            "last_name": "Tester"
        "custom_password_hash": {
            "algorithm": "scrypt",
            "hash": {
                "value": "GPMEwRNOI2B07vtQg72JxLr9pkdRsnkUG0Si6xY940qMMxNIeubn2ES51l/wJvmVKUfux4agYNGaHXB8n7tJLA==",
                "encoding": "base64"
            "salt": {
                "value": "bFK1w5twDBg+nQ==",
                "encoding": "base64"
            "keylen": 32,
            "cost": 16384

I am using the api/v2/user-imports and the job succeeds and the user is imported, but I cannot log in due to the error:

"error": {
      "message": "Password change required.",
      "reason": "Verification failed for the provided custom_password_hash: {'algorithm':'scrypt','hash':{'value':'GPMEwRNOI2B07vtQg72JxL...','encoding':'base64'},'salt':{'value':'bFK1...','encoding':'base64'},'keylen':32,'cost':16384}"

Please assist.

I’m having the same issue it seems. Has anyone figured out the right custom_password_hash settings to import Firebase Auth users?