Filtering Critical Auth0 logs

I am streaming log events to third-party for storage. Now I would also like to do some analysis and trigger events based on that. I would like to filter very critical issues and create alerts for them (any error apart from Bad Request by user, like failed login due to invalid username or password). How do I accomplish that? I was earlier filtering events by finding if error key is non null in response object. But that gives me a lot of false negatives.
There are around 50 - 70 log types as defined by Auth0. I am confused how to use them to come up with a filter that only triggers critical events.

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Have you seen our log type codes page?

Hi @dan.woda,
Thanks for the reply. I had a look at these code types previously. But the issue is that there are too many code types and it is really difficult to figure out which error types correspond to Bad request (400) and which are critical.
Can you provide me a broader classification of these error types (400 and non 400 type errors)
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How are you defining critical errors? You should be able to go through this list and create a fairly specific group of log types.

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