Figma Social Connection: Permission Support


Would it be possible to add the option to enable/disable various permissions of the Figma social connection? At the moment it seems to ask for every possible permission, with no means to disable some. This is scary for a significant amount of users in our tool, preventing them from signing up.

If this cannot be solved in the near future, please let me know so we can prepare move away from auth0 and do it ourselves, as Figma clearly allows it. Seems like the social connection just doesn’t provide the options to configure it.

Hi @developer12

Have you tried updating the scope object in the connection settings?

  "options": {
    "scope": "file_read"


I noticed that it is Figma itself that just doesn’t support this.
file_read is already asking for too much permissions.

They seem to be changing this in the near future, hopefully the social plugin of auth0 will be updated when they do.

Thanks for the update. Even if the Auth0 Connection doesn’t immediately support it, you should be able to manually update the requested scopes like I mentioned in the initial post.