Feedback about docs page called Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

This is feedback for the docs page: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

I’ve found documentation and the use of the Dashboard and APIs straightforward, right up until this page :zipper_mouth_face: I understand the flow involved: create an account, the email is not verified, now send the change password email to that user. And I’ve a lot of existing community quesitons and feedback, but I still find the docs page wanting.

I think ambiguity starts here:

Generate invitations

A user invitation is basically a change password link repurposed as an invitation. With Auth0, there are two common approaches to implementing user invitations:

Okay, so there are two approaches. Got it. You then list them. So let’s see what happens with the first approach…

You can allow a user to access an existing account that you have created on their behalf. Then, send the user a unique link to set their password. You generate the unique link by creating a Password Change ticket…

Okay, generate a password change ticket. So this is the second approach? Okay well I was expecting the first approach but fine, I’ll read on until I find that first approach…

You will need to:

Okay, so create a user, that sounds like Approach 1? The bullets are at the exact same indentation of the two approaches above. It’s not clear. Okay let’s read on, it’s probably me that’s confused…

Create password change tickets

  1. Specify the user using user_id or email and connection_id .

Oh, so now THIS is Approach 2? So the section above was the other approach? Confused now. Let’s read on, this page isn’t big so sure I can figure it out.

Create email template

The email invitation needs to be sent…

This adds more confusion because there’s an email template in the dashboard called the User Invitation template. Great right, I can probably send that! But in reading community threads, now I understand this User Invitation template is for something else, is for Organisations only? So rename it if that’s true to User Invite to Organisations or somesuch.

As my main point though - this subheading “Create email template” just doesn’t have instructions in it (or link to an example). “The email invitation needs to be sent”… yes I know that!! :rofl: You were supposed to impart that to me. Most good docs would have a step by step or link and example in github. There wouldn’t be this presumption and ambiguity.

Feedback over, please consider improving this page. Thanks.

Additional feedback: nowhere is there an explanation of the context of what creating a Password Change Ticket is for. I think it causes the auth flow to act on it next time this user interacts with Auth0, but it could be stated nice and simple why we’re creating a Password Change Ticket and what we’re expecting to happen.


I’ve opened a post regarding this issue Auth0 Invite User. Any clarification would be super :slight_smile:

Yeah, after reading the same page I kept scratching my head thinking “how am I supposed to use that customized template, if option 1 is not allowing me to do anything with the URL sent to a user by auth0, but option number 2 is not using this template at all”

So I guess we are left with only 2 options:

  • use OOTB password change email sent automatically when using Authentication API (effectively we can’t use it for invitations)
  • use “password change ticket” Management API but then deliver non auth0 templated email to a user using our own email provider

The outcome is the same - the template mentioned in the guide is not helpful for invites

Thank you everyone for sharing additional context. We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates regarding that! Thank you!

Just to support the request for clarification, this documentation page is really not clear.
Especially the email template part…