Feature request: Password policy require 4 of 4 requirements

Feature: Allow configuration to enforce 4 of 4 requirements when setting/resetting passwords

Description: Currently all password levels require the user to meet 3 out of 4 requirements (special characters, numbers, lowercase, uppercase) when setting/resetting the password. It would be nice if the lock widget configuration could take an attribute to change this (our requirement would be 4/4).

Use-case: We work with the pharma industry which is heavily regulated and recently more focused on cyber security. They are looking to maximise security wherever possible, including strong password policies, MFA, etc. Currently the password policy setting is the main focus to improve our customers confidence in authentication and password strength.

Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 10.45.40

Hey there Roland!

Thanks for creating this feature request. Let’s see who else from community will be interested in such addition!