Feature request: 2FA enforcement policy for auth0 tenant dashboard admins

Feature: 2FA enforcement policy for auth0 tenant dashboard admins

Description: To employ security best-practices we use 2FA in our systems incl. auth0. Unfortunately per this community support response such functionality is currently not offered. Hence we need to rely on manual approach upon granting access to Auth0 tenant dashboard for new users incl. recurring monitoring if people continue to have 2FA set up properly. Per our experience with other services, such enforcement policy is often times implemented as an option to choose. As a matter of fact to our internal apps we secure using Auth0 we can do this, just not for the Auth0 own dashboard access. It would be super helpful to have to cut maintenance time/cost and insure higher security standards.

Use-case: Granting access to Auth0 admin dashboard in a way that ensured highest security standards & best practices are ensured by default.

Thanks for the feature request!

We are interested in this feature as well.

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Thanks for your input @katarzyna.gordon!