False IdP-Initiated login when Testing SAML Connection with Custom Domain

I am working on creating a SAML connection. My tenant uses a custom domain. When I test the connection the test is initiated on the non-custom domain. Then, the idP redirects back to the custom domain. This causes the request to look like it was initiated by the iDP and generates the error

invalid_request : IdP-Initiated login is not enabled for connection “KOLLECTIVE-SAML”.

If I instead use an application to test the connection, i do not get this error.

The expected behavior would be testing the connection would use the tenant’s custom domain.

if my custom domain was login.:flamingo:.com
and my default domain was auth0.:face_vomiting:.com
I would expect testing a connection to use login.:flamingo:.com

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Apparently this is a known bug with auth0, and it is not a high priority fix.

Hi asyriala,

You’re correct that this is a known bug. If IdP-initiated logins were enabled for your connection, you would get a slightly different error, as described here:

I call it “changing horses in midstream”, and it’s probably encountered most frequently when folks use the “try” button in the dashboard when the connection was configured with a custom domain. I’m glad you were able to find the cause of the problem, and I’m sorry the dashboard isn’t able to handle this situation more gracefully.