Failed Silent Auth in Chrome

Thanks @lihua.zhang . Is there any way I can get live help as I do this for one of our tenants & apps?

@inabl , I understand that you want to get live help. Customers with paid subscriptions can submit tickets to the Auth0 Product Support team to get live help. Here are the Auth0 pricing options.

As an alternative, I found this youtube video explaining how to create Google Developer Key for Auth0. At 5 min 28 sec, the Google Developer key and secrete are created. Once you have those details, please add them to your Auth0 Google OAuth0 connection.

Hope this helps!

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@lihua.zhang We haven’t made any changes yet, like not using a development key - but our users who were running into this issue are no longer running into an issue. Was something fixed on Auth0’s side?


Hi @inabl ,

Thank you for the updates. I am not aware of any changes on the Auth0 end regarding the Auth0 Google Developer key. Although users are not running this issue currently, I would still suggest creating your own Google Developer Key to avoid issues with Google Authentication in the future.