Failed Authentication

I started getting a failed auth on renew session yesterday and I changed nothing in my code. I have no idea what is going on and I have the link in Allowed Callback URLs, Allowed Web Origins, and Allowed Origins (CORS) just in case.

The specified redirect_uri ‘http://MySite/auth0_callback’ does not have a registered origin.

Literally so stuck since I didn’t change any code. Also the site is hosted on s3.


I’m getting the same (or similar) problem. My login auth isn’t quite failing, it’s just never successfully returning. However, the issue only exists when running my app locally on my machine through localhost, the auth works fine on a server hosted by heroku. This also only just started being a problem today, login auth has worked before for me in the past (locally and otherwise), and I didn’t change any code between yesterday and today.

Thanks man, lets check back later. Hopefully the issue resolves, it’s just funky. Gotta be a change with auth0

@charles1 are you still getting this issue or figure out a solution? I was gone for the past week and a half and was hoping it wouldn’t be happening when I came back but am still facing the issue.

so I had and needed to remove the ‘/’ for allowed web origin, cors, and callback urls

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Thanks a lot for sharing thee solution @stephen1!

@konrad.sopala Would be good if that was mentioned right on the configuration page (especially since one would expect that if having no trailing ‘/’ is required, it could be automatically taken cared of by Auth0 itself… simple thing to automate). Especially since this is currently hard to diagnose and solve…

Sure @laurent1!

Will pass that feedback to appropriate team!

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