Facebook Sign Up Confirmation (Strange) Screen

We’ve been testing Auth0 during the Dev and UAT phases of Vlume mobile app (ionic based both on Android and iOS. Now that we’re planning to go into Production we realized Facebook Sign Up experience completely changed and it is failing us.

See the screen below:

This is what the new User is supposed to see after Signing Up!!!

  1. The user has no idea what “Tenant” means - why do we even show that to her?
  2. The user has no idea about “Current_User_xxx” labels stand for: there was already a Facebook confirmation screen before this where they agreed to give away their “Profile” access, what’s the need for this?
  3. The user cannot even click on “Green” button to confirm since it is covered by “Zoom-in, Zoom-out” button in Android. No way to proceed, we’re stuck.

We are supposed to go to production by the 1st of June. This will be a major deal-breaker. We will appreciate your quick response.

Thank you,
Vlume Team

@mardig this is called the consent screen. A user will see this under a few circumstances:

  1. You have are using an API that is marked as not allowed to skip consent screen.

  2. You are trying to access to a 3rd party API that you’ve setup in Auth0 (this is the management API token).

  3. You are running the application as localhost locally.

  4. I think this is also setup when you use the dev keys that come with google’s social login.

In your case #0 I think is what is going on. You are trying to issue a token directly to the Management API, which is likely defaulting to allow skipping user consent false. This will require you applications to see a consent screen asking the user if it is ok to share their data and provide the application access to manipulate and view their data:

I believe you can mark that as enabled to solve this problem. Otherwise can you check to see if any of the other scenarios are true?


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