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Facebook and linkedin logout issue, using react native lock




We are facing issue with Facebook and Linkedin logout issue. After login in both social platform, when we logout and again login, We automatically login with previous user credentials.
We got some solution from auth0 but it’s also not working and those are:
![alt text][1]

After implementing this solution, we are getting error message in console which is following:![alt text][2]

So kindly provide some solution. It’s a very difficult situation for user to not logout.

Thanks in advance.


The Auth0 /logout endpoint clears the Auth0 session, and optionally, the Identity Provider session. It is your responsibility to clear the Application session in your application.

This means that your application will need to clear any cookies/localStorage items in your callback from the /logout call.


Thanks for the reply. We are using react native lock and we clears all asynchstorage keys when user pressing logout and route the user to auth login page. But when we again trying to click any social login(in our case facebook and linkedin), it automatically login with previous data.
So here in my point of view it means we did logout process correctly but user is not getting logout from the auth0. Clearly difficult to understand the correct method for logout the user from auth0 (in specific react native platform).In Facebook logout issue was there but now it’s also came in Linkedin logout.