Extract roles from authentication token in login callback

I have a Spring (boot) application that uses Auth0 for authentication. I fire the authentication flow in my controller with the Auth0 SDK:

// controller is com.auth0.AuthenticationController
controller.buildAuthorizeUrl(req, response, selfUrl + "/auth0/on-after-login")
                .withScope("openid profile email")

but the token that I receive in the callback does not contains the claim https://access.control/roles that the sample app uses to read user’s roles. I have the following questions:

  • Is the https://access.control/roles claim somewhat standard to get user roles?
  • If yes, why is it empty in all of my tokens?

Meh, this community doesn’t work well for getting support. Anyway, I solved it by myself using this custom rule:

function (user, context, callback) {
  // https://auth0.com/docs/authorization/concepts/sample-use-cases-rules#add-user-roles-to-tokens
  const namespace = 'https://access.control';
  const assignedRoles = (context.authorization || {}).roles;

  let idTokenClaims = context.idToken || {};
  let accessTokenClaims = context.accessToken || {};

  idTokenClaims[`${namespace}/roles`] = assignedRoles;
  accessTokenClaims[`${namespace}/roles`] = assignedRoles;

  context.idToken = idTokenClaims;
  context.accessToken = accessTokenClaims;

  callback(null, user, context);

from this page.

I think the rule should at least be mentioned in the relevant examples like this one.

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