Extract id_token and user profile info with authenticating with Resource Owner Password Grant


I’m trying to write an integration test for logging in. Since I use Cypress, I took a look at this tutorial, which appeared at first glance to be what I needed. My app is slightly different in that I use an Express server and passport-auth0 for my authentication. In my app, I extract the id_token and profile info from the user object, then store it in a JWT cookie for authorization.

Here’s the User object I receive on my callback route when I authenticate using the Resource Owner Password Grant, as directed in the tutorial:

  displayName: undefined,
  id: undefined,
  user_id: undefined,
  name: { familyName: undefined, givenName: undefined },
  _json: {},
  _raw: '{}',
  id_token: undefined

Has anyone used this workflow before? Is there another way I can extract user data from the Resource Owner Password Grant API? What about the id_token I get in response?