Extra information when logging with social

Is there a way to get more information when a user logins with Google for example?
By information I mean phone number.

There are two cases here
1). phone can be in Google profile…and for that case it would be nice to have it in auth0 also
2). if phone does not exist in Google profile it would be nice to request it somehow from the client.

Any idea how we can achieve either 1 or 2?

HI @joe , by going to Connections > Social > Google> Settings you shall tick Basic Profile and Extended Profile… not quite sure that will bring the phone in the Google profile. One possibility is that the user never entered that info in its profile, hence, obviously it will not show up.
So I’d not rely on this first option, which leads us to the second option, you can request it by adding a custom signup (instead of social signup and requesting that field). This option is not good if you really want them to sign up with Google. Hence, I’d let them sign up with Google, then request their phone number in an email for example in order and update user_metadata field with the Management API. This step in this solution however is not part of the authentication pipeline and is a different way to retrieve that information… which the user may or may not want to provide and then your users may end up having that field empty.

Why do you need their phone number anyway? Is it critical for your authentication process or critical for the application?

Let us know, cheers.