Export of Auth0 extension "Logs to cloud watch"


I added Auth0 extension 'logs to cloud watch " through tenant UI and provided all necessary parameters (keys etc). When I try to export the tenant setting I can’t see these parameters in my tenant configuration.

Can you please advise what is wrong here? I need this tenant setting in order to keep my configuration in yaml file (as only one source of truth).


If I understood your situation correctly you installed an extension manually and were expecting to see extension configuration when using one of the possibilities to export tenant configuration like for example the deploy CLI.

If the above interpretation is incorrect then I’m afraid that the issue is that extensions cannot be installed through a programmatic flow using the Management API and as a side-effect their configuration will also not surface in configuration exports done by the deploy CLI.

I believe we are already tracking this gap in our product backlog, but you should still submit your feedback and use case through (auth0.com/feedback) as that will allow our product team to better gauge the demand and scenarios where such functionality would be required.

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