Export/Import Single Page Application or Regular Web Application from XML or JSON

How do we export/import Single Page Application or Regular Web Application from XML or JSON?

Hey there!

What do you mean by exporting / importing SPAs or Regular Web Apps?

Let’s say i have created one application in Auth0 and i wanted to export that application to XML and later i will do some changes to the xml and import with different name.

one more example - Currently one application created by other person is not required and wanted to delete but in future if we need that application i will simply import from xml.

I still do not understand the usecase. Once you create the application under Auth0 it holds all the settings, parameters etc. that you use in the code that you host somewhere. You would like to export / import those setting and parameters that can be adjusted by different people? I mean I’m trying to understand what’s your need here cause as of now I don’t think we have some mechanism / feature that works this way

I got it using Management API.

We can get the application settings as response using below URL and I can save the response in my drive.

It would have been better if you had shown export icon next to each application.

Yep that’s right you can retrieve / update all that application data using our Management API (Clients endpoints):


In terms of the icon can you file such feature request to our product team providing that feedback and using our product feedback form: