Expo Implementation. Invalid access_token

The id_token I get back seems to be working great. I can decode it or send it to my api however I believe using it in the authorization header is a bad practice.

The problem is the access_token I get back is invalid. I get this when trying to decode it →

[InvalidTokenError: Invalid token specified: JSON Parse error: Unexpected EOF]
Here is the access_token
Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 10.50.03 PM
Note: it is missing the payload

Here is my code:

const auth0ClientId = "dKqbEwC****************......";
const authorizationEndpoint = "https://dev-39brjlao.us.auth0.com/authorize";

const useProxy = Platform.select({ web: false, default: true });
const redirectUri = AuthSession.makeRedirectUri({ useProxy });

export default function Auth0() {
  const [name, setName] = useState(null);
  const [request, result, promptAsync] = AuthSession.useAuthRequest(
      clientId: auth0ClientId,
      responseType: "token id_token",
      scopes: ["openid", "profile"],
      extraParams: {
        nonce: "nonce",
    { authorizationEndpoint }
  console.log(`Redirect URL: ${redirectUri}`);
  useEffect(() => {
    if (result) {
      if (result.error) {
          "Authentication error",
          result.params.error_description || "something went wrong"
      if (result.type === "success") {
        const id_token = result.params.id_token;
        const access_token = result.params.access_token;
        const decoded = jwtDecode(id_token);
        const { name } = decoded;        
        SecureStore.setItemAsync('id_token', id_token);
        SecureStore.setItemAsync('access_token', access_token);
  }, [result]);

Hey there @forestman27 welcome to the community!

The issue you are describing is typically due to the fact that an opaque access token is returned - This occurs when there is no audience param passed in the authorize request. See the following FAQ for more detail:

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