"Error!Unexpected failure trying to update api." - When adding permission on API


  • I have auth0 account
  • I created API from ‘Applications’ tab
  • I attempted to add openid scope to Permissions tab, once I click + Add button,
  • I get a message “Error!Unexpected failure trying to update api.”

Expected Behavior

  • Have new permission scope added to API through Permissions tab

Current Behavior

  • Unable to add new permission scope to API through Permissions tab
  • I get Error!Unexpected failure trying to update api. pop up

Hey there @jigglypuff ,

Thank you for posting!

By default, each API registered in your Auth0 tenant will request an access to the openid user profile data during the first login unless you toggle the button to skip the user consent.

Thus no need to set this type of permission like you tried to.
Does this answer your problem?

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