Error raised when migrating to Converged Platform

Problem statement

I’ve recently migrated to Converged Platform. When testing the authentication flow, I encounter an issue, and the tenant logs have the following error message.

Guardian - ExtensibilityImplementationError on my-hook-name: Unexpected undefined error response payload from
 extension URL, 
missing/invalid .message or .statusCode: {"code":500,"message":"node module \"module@version\" is not currently available"}


The error message ‘node module “module@version” is not currently available’ indicates that the specified NPM module is not available in the Webtask execution environment at the execution runtime.

Also, the Hook name in the error message suggests this issue is happening in the Hook execution.


During the migration to Converged Platform, it seems like some Node modules get missing from the Webtask environment.


This issue can be fixed by reimporting the node module to the Hook that errors out.

You can import the modules by following the steps given below.

  1. Navigate to Auth Pipeline → Hooks in your Auth0 Dashboard
  2. Select the hook you want to edit and click on the pencil icon on the right side. You will be presented with the Hook editor.
  3. In the Hook editor, click on the Wrench icon in the top left corner
  4. Click on NPM Modules
  5. Check if it shows the list of NPM Modules required in the Hook code. If not, please click on the Add Module button to import them to your Hook execution environment.