Error Handling and Refreshing State Variables for Extended Session

EDIT: Default Login Route Configuration Helped with this. This post can be closed/complete.

Hello Auth0 Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m currently facing an issue with the “invalid state” error in my Angular application using the Auth0 Angular SDK (Universal Login). Here are the details:

  • Issue Description: Some of our users have a habit of bookmarking pages for easy access. We’ve observed that when a user bookmarks the login page and returns to it after the state has expired, they encounter an “invalid state” error.

Initial documentation points us to setting up default login routes that will redirect the user upon hitting the error state. This works, but we would like to intercept the “Invalid State” error by refreshing the State variable at the time of bookmark page load. This does not lead to a great end-user experience.

Any guidance on this will be much appreciated.

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Hi @Sai,

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Thanks for the update. I’ll mark this one resolved!

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