End-to-End Testing with Cypress and Auth0

No firm ETA as of yet for release but once it’s finished and it becomes available I will share it here first!


Heads up that Cypress now has a WIP guide for testing with Auth0:

I’d imagine the solution outlined isn’t suitable for every scenario, but it’s a good start.


Hey @tyler3, did you find a solution for this already? Did you by any chance experiment with guardian.js already?

I am now trying this but does it work with multi-factor authentication too?

Hey there @chikathreesix!

Moving it here as that thread stores all the questions related to this blog article.

Thanks, @konrad.sopala !


Trying to implement Cypress tests with only social connection logins. Is it feasible? If yes, do you have any pointers on that?


@dunson062786, thank you for sharing repo. I was trying to understand a real problem for my app and found that I failed requests because after completing all steps the local storage had only one token (id_token) and i missed 2nd token :frowning: Our implementation is required to get +acces_token and now it’s a real challenge for me.

I’ll check @dobrek solution. Perhaps it will work with the last update and local storage :expressionless:

@stefanos, check https://stackoverflow.com/a/62436606/11032781
If google is in scope of your ‘social connections’ you can check the source :wink:
Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing that @RoDen!

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