Enable SSO for applications in different Auth0 tenants


We have two web application both are integrated to applications in different Auth0 tenants. In this scenario, Is there a way with which a logged in user to an application in one tenant to SSO to another application in another tenant.

Explaining the scenario with an example.

User_A has a web account in tenant_A and have access to App_A. We also have a tenant_B where we have other users like User_B etc and apps like App_B.
I am looking for an option where User_A is trying to login and received id and access token. Now Is it possible to SSO the User_A from App_A to App_B .

Hope I didn’t make it complicated. Awaiting your response :slight_smile:

Hi @AKT ,

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You may use SAML SSO with tenant_A as the SP and authenticate users against tenant_B serving as the SAML IdP. This article explained the details.

Hope this helps!

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