Enable MFA authentication on User of My active directory

I wanted to use Auth0 as MFA provider for our users. Authenticator and Email MFA are only required.
To achieve this I’ve tried Following steps:

  1. Created API.
  2. Created Application and granted required permissions.
  3. Created User.
  4. Now I’m not able to move forward from here.
  5. I’ve tried this flow but it didn’t worked → Authenticate Using the Resource Owner Password Flow with MFA
  6. Getting (Scope given: openid profile read:current_user) → Enroll and Challenge Email Authenticators
    "error": "access_denied",
    "error_description": "Insufficient scope (expected: enroll). Try getting a new access token with `enroll` scope."
  1. When I try to add this scope it gives
    "error": "invalid_scope",
    "error_description": "User is not authorized to the audience for those scopes"
  1. How to fix this issue? Also if there is any other flow that does not required user password, please share relevant documents regarding the same.

Thanks for your help.