Empty Payload in Access Token with Next.js

Hello, I’m using Auth0 to allow users to login with Google SSO in a nextjs application. I need to validate the user with the backend of the application. That being said, auth0 is returning an opaque access token even though I have included https://{tenant}.auth0.com/api/v2/ as the AUTH0_AUDIENCE .env variable (which is in turn being included as a query param to the /authenticate endpoint). How can I ensure that the payload of the JWT is not empty?

Here’s the code that I’m using to parse the access token on the backend:

export async function getUser() {
  const sessionCookies = await cookies();
  const token = sessionCookies.get('appSession');
  if (token == null) {
  return jwt.decode(token['value'], process.env.AUTH0_CERT);

This function returns null because the JWT payload is empty.


Hi there @collin1 welcome to the community!

Do you mind grabbing a sample access token, pasting it in jwt.io and sharing the result here? Please redact any sensitive information.


Sure thing. Here’s a link.

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Hey thanks @collin1!

That looks to be an opaque token like you mentioned - Are you positive an audience param is getting passed?