Empty JWT payload in accessToken is not valid

I’m using react sdk, the login works and I get an accessToken. But when I want to use this accessToken with my backend (C#) it doens’t work. When I check the token using jwt.io I get the warning “Looks like your JWT payload is not a valid JSON object. JWT payloads must be top level JSON objects as per
RFC 7519 - JSON Web Token (JWT)

I already have the api audience in the login call:
authorizationParams: {
audience: “http://localhost:5268/

And then I use “getAccessTokenSilently” to get the access token. And finally I add the access token as a bearer token to the api request.

This is my accessToken:

What am I missing? How can I get a valid accessToken with a valid JSON as a payload?

Anyone from the auth0 can reply to this thread?

Hey @alex2020 welcome to the community!

I just glanced at your tenant and it looks like http://localhost:5268/ is indeed registered properly in Auth0. It sounds like this is the access token you are getting via auth0-react in your own app? Have you attempted to reproduce using the sample app? I just created an API with the same identifier and am getting a valid non-opaque access token back in the sample app. I recommend giving it a go as it will remove any application specific variables that might be in play here.

Let us know!

Thanks for your suggestion @tyf.
I tried it with the sample app and it worked. The difference between the sample app and my app was that I was passing the audience to the loginWithRedirect method while the sample app passed this value to the Auth0Provider. After I did this change in my app it started working.
The documentation on this is not very clear but at least it’s working now :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

Ahh, gotcha - Thanks for clarifying! That’s odd that it wasn’t working with loginWithRedirect as I believe it should given it’s passed in authorizationParams. Regardless, I’m happy to hear you got it working and sorry for the confusion!

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