Embedded Login for SPA (...webAuth.login()...) doesn't fully log a user in


I’m using the embedded login in my react SPA, specifically the webAuth.login() method found here. It seems like authentication “works” in the sense that the authenticate api request returns a status of 200.

However, it seems that the method doesn’t fully log a user in. The isAuthenticated React hook still shows up as ‘False’, but when I click ‘login’, rather prompting the normal auth0 popup for a user to input username and password (as it normally does when isAuthenticated is False), it redirects to the auth0 screen that says:

"[Company Name] is requesting access to your account".

So it’s almost like the user is half logged in. Thoughts?

Also, the way my app flows, a user fills out a UI embedded form with username and password information. This form signs them up and signs them in with one click of a button. Then once signed in, the user is redirected to a Private Route. The app properly signs a user up and signs them in (based on the activity i’m seeing in the network tab. However when it goes to redirect to the Private Route, it prompts the:

"[Company name] is requesting access to your account"

redirect twice before properly authenticating and redirecting the user to a private route. My guess is this second bug is tied to the first bug described above. Any thoughts?