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Embedded lock in Angular not working async



I’m trying to implement Auth0 for the first time. I’m trying to use the embedded login in an Angular project and downloaded the git repo with the example. When I set it up and run it, the page redirects rather than working async. Looking at the code in the repo, I see a handleAuthentication method, which seems to indicate it should work async. Am I wrong in this? I also see the method called on page load, but I assumed that was for when someone visited the app having the token stored.

In general, I don’t really seem to get what’s going in the repo; I see the callback-cross-auth.htmlfile, but I don’t see it included anywhere, and I’m not sure how it’s working.

Hope someone can lend me some advice?



Browser based OAuth is implemented using the OAuth Implicit Grant, which requires invoking a callback that is registered with for your application in the authorization server. This implies there’s always a redirect to the callback url after logging-in. The handleAuthentication() method will get called after the redirect.

You can use:

var lock = new Auth0Lock(clientId, domain,   {
    auth: {
      redirect: false

to avoid the redirect. In this case Lock will open a hidden iframe where it performs the authentication flow, and will post the access_token and id_token to the parent frame, which will end up calling handleAuthentication().