Embed Login Page

Hi Team,
We are trying to Embed custom login page, in our Django Application,
similar to Auth0.js webAuth.login() method in python.

Currently Django api call is hitting the login url and routing to Universal Login,
def login(request):
return oauth.auth0.authorize_redirect(
request, request.build_absolute_uri(reverse(“callback”))
Insetad, we need Embed Login page, which can authenticate the user credential via
oauth.auth0.login() something similar ,

Hi @jemariap,

It sounds like you may be looking for the Resource Owner Password Flow.

It looks like the python Authlib supports it. Here is the doc for it: OAuth 2 Session — Authlib 1.1.0 documentation

This flow is typically not recommend by Auth0, and you should read through all the docs to understand the potential risks.

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