Email verification link expired and resent link


I am using auth 0 verification- email(using link) template.

and I already created a custom error page and changed in the settings…

my problem is, when the email verification link is expired. I didn’t know what to do.

after clicking the expired email verification link , the user cannot go to the app…( we blocked ). only if email is verified by user , then only user can get in to the app.

In this case , after the link expire, we are in dead end.

We are getting the expired link url as


and it does no include any email address or anything.

so We cannot identify which user’s email verification link is expired (and this email expired link is related to email verification)…

then how can we can we resent the email… ??

What is the good method for handling this ?

is there any way to identify , already email verification link is sent but expired or email verification link is send and link is active and not used. ?

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