Email verification flow


I’am using Universal Login in a SPA application and i have configurated the rule “Force email verification”. When a user is signed up , the user don’t get a message or page indicating that an email has been sent to him to verify his account. The email is sent but there is not a feedback about the verification that he needs to do.

How can i show to the user that message o page of email verification?

The code to login/signup is the next:
redirect_uri: ${window.location.origin},
appState: { target: redirectPath }


On the redirect from the sign up flow, you could check isAuthenticated and if true, display your own message on the redirectUrl page.

Depending on your app structure, you’d have to know the difference between a “signup” and a “login”

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Many modern web applications require users to verify their email address at one point or another. This is especially important when you have a billing process that sends receipts to your users. We can easily add this feature to applications with Elixir and Phoenix.