Email to logon to AD Connector


We have setup an AD\LDAP connnector for an app and are using domain routing so that some users logon via dB credentials and AD users can logon via their AD credentials using Lock - all fairly simple.

When a user enters their corp (AD) email address Lock correctly detects it is an AD account and presents the secondary corp logon window. The issue we have is that the username field is pre-populated with their corp email address and this isn’t accepted - we have to enter the sAMAccountName.

We can logon to AD resources using email address format usernames so am trying to replicate that for Auth0 logons - is this possible?

Another option would be to allow the AD username to be used in the initial logon page, but this always seems to use the dB connection, even if it is an AD account (we pushed the username attribute from AD).

Worst case would be to stop the prepopulation of the username field; I have seen an article on this to suppress username hints but couldn;t work out how to insert the one-line confg without breaking Lock!


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